The overall visit to Dr. Joe Christaforo’s Office was positive he took his time with me through everything and everyone there was so helpful
- Stuart O. 1/27/2021

I've been having periodontal appointments at this business for almost 2 years. They are professional, kind and caring people. I enjoy the experience each time I go. Class act business. Thank you
- Tina P. 1/21/2021

Dr. Joe Christoforo was awesome. He spent a lot of time with me, came up with a thoughtful plan and explained it to me and it’s rationale in detail. You can tell that he is totally dedicated to and loves what he does. The staff is also great. I’m a physician and I can tell you that It’s clear that he has extensive experience and knows what he is talking about and what is best for a patient’s unique situation. It’s no wonder that this doctor has consistent 5 star reviews. It was immediately obvious to me that I was lucky enough to engage his expertise after noticing how well regarded he is. This is for sure who you want to see. What a great resource of expertise to have in Madison!
- Jim R. 1/14/2021

The entire staff was extremely pleasant and did everything to make me feel welcome from the moment I walked in the door to the moment I left. They called multiple times to ask me if would like an earlier appointment due to cancelations. They had all of my insurance information ready to go before I got there. I could tell immediately that customer service was a priority in this office and it was very refreshing.
- Tony H. 1/2021

Love Dr. Joe. Friendly and knowledge team. Dr Joe is professional and an absolute pro....
- Jeff W. 12/2020

Dr. Joe was very informational and helpful in setting up my program to help me regain my former smile and I am looking forward to working with him. He and his staff were very helpful, friendly, polite and considerate of me and my situation. I can't wait until we have completed the entire program.
- Philip P. 12/2020

I have never felt that I was in such sure hands with any surgeon of any kind as I have in my experiences with Dr. Joe. He is the master at implants.
- Stuart G. 12/2020

I had a great experience from making the appointment to receiving care. All the staff are exceptionally friendly. They made me feel safe, understood and were very accommodating to my needs and sensitivities.
- Adriana J. 12/2020

My experience is always first rate. Dr. Joe and his staff are the best!
- Michael B. 12/2020

Dr. Joe did a thorough job.
- Tom R. 11/2020

Excellent experience!
- Fred J. 11/2020

I had a good experience. The staff and Dr. Antonia and Dr. Cristoforo were careful with my teeth and gums and I appreciate that very much. Keep up the good tooth care.
- Carol T. 10/2020

Professional. Friendly. Informative. Caring.
- Mary Ann and Doug H. 10/2020

Professional. Explained procedures.
- Rhonda L-S 10/2020

It was a very smooth, efficient appointment.
- James S. 10/2020

Amazingly kind , gentle and patient dentists!
- Becky G. 9/2020

Excellent care at this place, always. Thorough cleanings have greatly improved my gum health. Everyone is very professional and kind. I initially was referred here for a "deep cleaning," which I was in total dread of, because a previous experience with this process had been horrible. But at DI&P Specialists they made it very comfortable. Highly recommend the whole staff.
- S. G. 9/2020

Dr. Joe and his assistant, Valarie, were both awsome, as usual. Dr. Joe is great at keeping his patients at ease and informed throughout whatever the procedure might be. Both are very personable and treat you more as a friend than as a patient. I may need to change insurance coverage and I had to make sure that Dr. Joe was in the new network so that I wouldn't have to leave his practice. Fortunately, he is.
- Vince F. 9/2020

Dr. Joe was really nice as was his staff. They want what’s best for the customer. Very detailed about what will be done and will keep my dentist in the loop.
- John H. 9/2020

Most thorough exam I've ever experienced. Enjoyed being able to discuss my medical history in Dr. Christoforo's office as opposed to sitting in a dental chair (which can cause anxiety from previous experiences). Feel confident in putting my trust in this practice moving forward. Felt respected and listened to...true concern and expertise came through from reception to exam to scheduling and billing.
- Joyce G. 9/2020

The overall visit to Dr. Joe Christaforo’s Office was positive he took his time with me through everything and everyone there was so helpful
- Stuart O. 9/2020

Consistently professional & friendly. Highly recommend!
- Gene K. 9/2020

Everything was great. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
- Richard L. 9/2020

Very satisfied.
- Linda S. 6/2020

Excellent care. Staff are wonderful.
- Ruth K. 6/2020

Every time I leave an appointment, I feel lucky that I am being treated by the staff there. I am grateful for the talent and personalities of the entire staff.
- Michele A. 5/2020

I was very pleased with my experience at Dental Implants. Doctor Joe and the staff are very friendly and professional. Everything was explained to me and the procedure was done with a minimum of discomfort. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will “take”. The cost was also quite reasonable. I would highly recommend them.
- Dee L. 5/2020

Attention to detail. Attention to sanitizing. Clear concise post-procedure instructions. Empathy.
- Craig K. 3/2020

Awesome as usual, I actually look forward to having my teeth cleaned
- Gary G. 3/2020

Colleen is an outstanding dental hygienist. Colleen did an excellent job with the cleaning and she provided information on my dental issues and valuable information on preventative maintenance. I really appreciated the information.
- Angelo C. 2/2020

Friendly, professional service -
- David K. 2/2020

Very professional and knowledgeable. Made sure I understood what was going to be done and let me know what I should keep doing.
- Keith G. 2/2020

I felt a high degree of competence and a good rapport with all those I came in contact with, especially Dr. Joe - even if he doesn't always have the lightest touch.
- Henry J. 1/2020

I had my first periodontal treatment here yesterday, although I've been at the office twice before for consultation. Each time I was treated so well. Dr. Joe is so competent and knowledgeable and kind, but the staff all treat me like an acquaintance, not a patient. Mary did my periodontal treatment, and was as gentle as possible. She also combined two treatments into one, saving me an additional visit. Each person is different, of course, but I was able to eat after the anesthesia wore off with no pain at all. A great experience all around!
- Marcia P. 1/2020

I got my teeth cleaned.
- Joe H. 1/2020

Dr. Joe and the staff are patient, kind and helpful to keep you comfortable during surgery. Highly recommend this group of professionals.
- Katie H. 12/2019

I can't say this often enough: Dr Joe is very nice & Colleen is very, very cool!
- Lynn H. 12/2019

The attention, care, and treatment I have received from Dr. Joe and his staff have been superb. They are a marvelous team of professionals.
- William G. 2019

Great periodontal provider. Dr Joe C is cool. Colleen does great work.
- Han S. 2019

Excellent Dental/gum care here.
- John D. 2019

Knowledgeable and Thorough. The kind of professional care that you want to get from a specialist. If you need Perio care you want to see a Periodontist. Dr. Joseph Cristoforo office is friendly, efficient, bright and clean. Having moved and the experience of 3 other periodontists in different parts of the US, I can say through experience that I found the doctor and the staff excellent.
- Jennifer G. 2019

One of the most pleasant trips to a dentist I've ever had, the people and environment were friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend.
- Ben K. 2019

Mary does a great cleaning job.
- Gail B. 2019

I had my first deep cleaning with Mary yesterday. I was terrified. She was so nice and personable and put me at ease right away! I felt almost 0 discomfort and feel great today! Much better experience than I imagined! Joe and his team are wonderful!
- Elizabeth K. 2019

It is a great facility, and Colleen is wonderful!
- Judith F. 2019

I had my first hygienic teeth cleaning here. It was a wonderful experience with a very good hygienist. The staff is always very helpful. A great place!
- Susan D. 2019

I am very satisfied with the dental implants that I was provided by Dr. Joe and his skilled chair-side staff. I am also very pleased with the outcome of my continued appointments with Colleen for professional periodontal teeth cleaning. Based on my positive experience and dental outcome, I highly recommend the professional dental services provided by Dental Implant & Periodontal Specialists.
- Dave D. 2019

Dr. Joe is wonderful and caring, and his staff is excellent!
- Wendy S. 2019

excellent, professionalisms; care
- Dolores E. 2019

Procedure went well and wasn’t unpleasant or painful
- William L. 2019

The people here, and the place, are top notch.
- Mark B. 2019

I am deathly afraid of the dentist. With that being said, my exam with Dr. Joe and my cleaning with Colleen was amazing. All of the staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming. For the first time ever, I have walked out of a dental office smiling.
- Kathy J. 2019

Every one was great many thanks Just awesome
- Richard M. 2019

Caring, attentive and engaging!
- Greg M. 2019

Everyone was very professional and friendly. I felt totally at ease.
- Jean B. 2019

Colleen is a great hygienist. Thank you.
- Henry S. 2019

Mary does an outstanding job cleaning. Staff is friendly.
- Larry K. 2019

First visit. Very impressed with staff and dentist. Highly recommend to all.
- Sue L. 2019

The Medical Assistant and Doctor were wonderful. They were both informative and efficient. I felt quite at ease during the entire procedure.
- Susan U. 2019

The are fantastic!
- Elena Q. 2019

Always friendly and put at ease.
- DeeAnn A. 2019

Having dental work done is not my favorite activity, that said, Dr. Cristoforo does a great job of knowing what to do, doing it well, and performing it in a confident and caring manner. Also, his assistant Joy does a good job of being conversational (not too much), knowing her responsibilities, and takes good care of you.
- Becki B. 2019

Colleen did a fantastic job on my teeth, and was very attentive to the areas where gum recession has left me extra sensitive. I always know that when I go to her, my teeth will end up beautifully clean with minimal discomfort.
- Chris L. 2019

Dr. Joe is very observant and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain all procedures and made sure that I, as the patient, was comfortable. He takes his time to make sure all questions are answered. His assistants and receptionists are all friendly and knowledgeable as well.
- Stephanie B. 2019

Colleen showed how I could get even better results from the cleaning I do already. Thanks!
- Morris S. 2019

This appointment was to install the implants from his previous removal of four teeth. Dr. Joe's talent not only with the dental procedures involved but also with the numbing procedures is top notch. His staff is calming and proficient. If facing implants, just go ahead and do it. You'll be in good hands.
- Cathy S. 2019

Staff was thorough and friendly. I appreciate the detail that was explained to me. I was put to ease quickly by staff and overall atmosphere of the facilities.
- Ann F. 2019

Very impressed with Dr. Cristoforo. He took the time and effort to determine what needed to be done. He then spent time explaining what he was going to do. I had a tooth extraction and an implant done. After each procedure he made sure I understood the procedure and the care needed afterwards. Additionally, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Cristoforo.
- John G. 2019

The professionals in this dental office have the highest level of expertise you could hope for along with providing the finest personal care.
- Kathy B. 2018

Kathleen is great... Super sense of humor!
- Holly G. 2018

Dr. Joe is wonderful. Had a deep cleaning with Mary very thorough, professional and personable. I highly recommend to everyone!
- Kristen S. 2018

Mary was extremely friendly and explained everything well in advance as what to expect. Staff was very flexible when it came to rescheduling my appointments,
- Dick S. 2018

Every one was great many thanks Just awesome
- Marta S. 2018

Very kind and concerned about about your comfort.
- Rae K. 2018

Love Dr. Joe and the enormous experience he has and the options! Thank you and office personnel.
- Sherrie H. 2018

As a hygienist myself I really appreciated the thoroughness of my perio maintenance.
- JCLC. 2018

Dr. Joe goes above and beyond with follow-up after surgery. He is very skilled and I felt very secure with him as my doc. I also got a cleaning here and Colleen was wonderful and thorough! I liked her as a person and as a practitioner.
- Brenda B. 2018

I went here to see Dr. Joe for a tooth extraction at the recommendation of a friend. All the people I dealt with for my appointment were very kind, and Dr. Joe is very good at what he does. A+.
- Sam F. 4/23/2018

Excellent and friendly
Dr. Joe's expertise came highly recommended from my regular dentist after they couldn't help me any further as I needed a specialist. Since my surgery my jaw has healed and my sensitivity issues are long gone. Excellent and friendly staff as well. Thank you!
- Joel S. 2/27/2018

Highest quality service from a team of professionals
Today was my six-week check after having to scale and root planning done on my teeth and gums in June. The results were excellent! I can't thank Dr. Joe and his team enough for the quality of their work, for their professionalism, and for their kindness. My mouth feels and looks so much better since the deep cleaning I received! And each of the three appointments necessary for the work to be done was absolutely painless! My great thanks to all of them. I highly recommend this team for anyone who needs periodontal work done.
- Eileen H. 8/8/2017

Outstanding Service
I have been consistently impressed with Dr. Joe Christoforo and his staff here through three visits. I have visited many, many dentists in the past but Dr. Christoforo is exceptional in terms of his concern for the patient, thorough and respectful explanations (discussing things with me at the desk in his office vs. while I'm sitting in the dental chair), honesty, and level of care and professionalism. I felt like I was in good hands the whole time I was there with all the team members. Appreciated his thorough post-op instructions and providing me with everything I need for healing out the door (rinse, ice pack, etc. so I didn't have to make an extra trip)
- Dana R. 8/3/2017

Appt for gum cleaning
office staff was very courteous, the professional service providers were very skilled and walked through the procedures in a way that could be understood
- Oliver P. 7/19/2017

Professional and Pain-Free!
I have a lot of anxiety about dental work and everyone was very sensitive and attentive. Thanks for making this the best experience possible!
- Julie A. 7/6/2017

Fabulous Experiences Here! Don't Be Afraid! They are the Best!
I was very nervous for my first appointment at this office and Dr. Joe and his assistant put me at ease right away. They are friendly, welcoming, gentle and very smart and thorough. A pleasure to meet and talk with them. It was recommended that I set up 3 appointments for deep cleaning and I was nervous about those as well. Nothing to be nervous about at all! Colleen was so friendly and professional. She is so enthusiastic and an expert in her field! She completely turned me around in dental hygiene and I had great results immediately. It was such a pleasure to work with her. I enjoyed my appointments and was sorry to see them end! She is worth her weight in gold. Everyone in the office is terrific and I won't hesitate to recommend this office to everyone! Thanks so much!
- Lisa A. 7/5/2017

I feel my visit was really great. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank You so much.
- Peter B. 7/5/2017

High-quality service, professional, friendly, helpful, and accommodating.
Very accommodating to my dental needs, got me in for a rush emergency appt. in just 2 days. Very knowledgeable, polite, and professional.
- Tim K. 6/28/2017

Very professional
Very courteous and professional for the entire exam. Also a very good explanation of all of the examination procedures.
- Dixie R. 6/28/2017

Enjoyable experience
I am 76 years old and have had many dental appointments but never like this. If there is such a thing as an enjoyable dental appointment, this was it. In addition to doing great dental work and minimizing what had to be done, Dr. Joe and his assistant Karen are two of the nicest, funniest people I have ever met. Also, the offices are beautiful.
- MIchael Z. 6/17/2017

Friendly, competent, pleasant - good professional care
- Marian F. 6/5/2017

Mary did a great job scaling and root planning by needed teeth. I liked her comments and answers to what she was doing, as well as keeping the conversation primarily about what she was doing and why. She is conscientious and patient with people who probably aren't really excited about coming to have dental work accomplished. Mary also gave me a printout of the impacted teeth/gums, which I appreciate. Jane LeCount
- jane L. 5/19/2017

Very efficient. Very helpful and pleasant personnel.
- william w. 5/16/2017

Friendly, professional, and compassionate service
Dr. Chrisoforo and his staff take the time to explain things and the experience was surprisingly painless and efficient.
- Philip O. 5/8/2017

First time here; very professional and kind staff
Want to thank Dr. Christoforo and his dental assistant for putting me at ease and for their clear explanations. Also, thanks to the office staffer for efficiently getting my follow-up appointments scheduled and for her pleasant demeanor.
- Eileen H. 5/4/2017

Very good first impression.
First time here. High-quality service, professional and friendly. Very thorough.
- Dave G. 5/3/2017

Periodontic appt
As always, my appointment with the dental hygienist went well. She is friendly, courteous, and efficient.
- Gail B. 5/1/2017

All was well done. On schedule Polite employees
- Donna B C. 4/26/2017

Office Visit Review
Everyone was so nice and professional, starting with the front desk to the technician and the dentist! I would highly recommend this office for any periodontal work. They are respectful of the patients time which is very much appreciated.
- Donna C. 4/26/2017

Consultation Appointment
Dr. Cristoforo was very thorough and patient in evaluating my complicated dental needs. He was easy to understand and listened to my concerns. The meeting was not rushed or pressured. I was given several options to consider and he did not try and rush or persuade me to make any immediate decisions.
- Susan T. 4/25/2017

Great Cleaning!
Colleen did a terrific job! Very thorough and gentle--all around a great service!! I would recommend this practice to anyone in need of periodontal or dental implant services...............
- Joe C. 4/12/2017

Kind, professional and positive experience from start to finish
The staff and Dr. C. made what could have been a stressful appointment (who wants to deal with gum problems and potential surgery?)into a positive experience. The front desk staff were warm and friendly, Dr. C. explained what he was doing every step of the way in a gentle reassuring manner, his assistant was upbeat and super kind, and the person who helped me schedule my next appointment and figure out the payments were really sweet and explained everything to me very patiently (I had a lot of questions). I've worked in customer service and healthcare almost all of my career and these folks do it right. They also have a lovely waiting area. The whole environment is soothing and calming, and I would recommend to anyone needing periodontal care.
- L B. 4/6/2017

I had my procedure done yesterday and everything seems fine. Little soreness, but nothing more. One Tylenol did the trick!!!! I like the way the staff explains the procedure as it goes along!!!!
- Rhoda B. 4/6/2017

All just fine.
- Larry O. 3/27/2017

Very professional and friendly
Colleen is very friendly and we always have a good laugh! Dr. Joe always takes the time to address my concerns. The office staff is helpful and kind. I feel confident that I am receiving very good care from the whole team.
- Teresa K. 3/23/2017

I appreciated the friendliness of the office staff and the thorough explanation of the procedure I will need to have from Dr. Christoforo.
- Rhoda B. 3/17/2017

Very friendly and helpful.
- Rachel W. 3/5/2017

Just a check - worthwhile and informative
Having me come back after a few weeks just for a look and she was helpful in motivating me to floss and really work on the area treated with surgery. That the 15-minute checkup was not on the computer as scheduled was a bit worrisome, but Dr. Joe fit me in, so I didn't lose a minute and there was no charge for it which I greatly appreciate as an out-of-pocket payer. He also smoothed out a rough spot where my enamel had peeled off a little on a totally unrelated tooth. I appreciate the courtesy. Overall, a 5-star experience as always.
- Henry S. 2/14/2017

Hight quality service, and...
They were very friendly and very much professional. Thank you!
- Ricardo C. 1/31/2017

Great cleaning/exam!
Colleen was terrific at cleaning.. we laughed a lot! And Dr. Cristoforo is so great. I recommend him to all my friends and even friends who don't live in Wisconsin. Seriously, you have a great office and staff!
- Betsy L. 1/26/2017

joe c and mary continue to offer great service. itz why i go to joe cristoforo and company. bottom line: totally would recommend service
- ron s. 1/26/2017

Great service, professional and friendly
Mary cleaned my teeth and was efficient and thorough. I appreciated the helpful discussion on my bill and the follow up when I didn't get my receipt as I left the office.
- Lee S. 1/23/2017

Top notch
Staff is punctual, good bedside manner, knowledgeable, overall a very good experience. I was in and out and my procedure was not painful at all. Follow ups were a breeze
- Brent S. 1/17/2017

Friendly and professional
My appointment was just a first consultation, but everyone I dealt with from the front desk to the doctor was extremely friendly, helpful, and professional. I left feeling like I completely understood the next steps and what will happen when I have my procedure.
- Sara M. 1/14/2017

I appreciate your flexibility in arranging procedures to fit my schedule, for your care in diagnosing my need and the explanation of procedure costs, etc, by your scheduler. Very friendly nurse and office personnel.
- Karen M. 1/12/2017

Great overall experience. Thorough. Compassionate. Careful. Explained everything clearly.
- Jim H. 1/3/2017

Job well done!
I visited Mary for a standard dental cleaning and my results were great! I felt super comfortable and the environment/staff members were very welcoming.
- Briana M. 12/20/2016

Was told the results of my previous work. Produced negative results. Suggested I should have surgery on my gums.
- Bonnie N. 12/14/2016

Very comfortable experience ! No stress.
- Jan D. 11/18/2016

High quality service
Quick and, relatively comfortable oral surgery. Recovery far faster and much less uncomfortable than I expected.
- Tom G. 11/11/2016

Staff very helpful
The specialist is knowledgeable and not intimidating.
- Edouard D. 11/10/2016

- BONNIE n. 11/10/2016

You guys did a nice job of explaining everything to me in good detail so I know what to expect during my next surgery. Thanks.
- Scott G. 11/9/2016

Berry professional and knowledgeable.
I had a very good experience.
- Martha V. 10/13/2016

Not only was the staff efficient, professional and friendly but they also listened and responded to my questions and concerns with knowledge and empathy
- Tricia O. 10/6/2016

Like always everyone was great. I felt very well taken care of. I love the friendly service and the expertise the staff posses.
- Karen T. 9/16/2016

Good experience. Very comfortable!
- Jan D. 9/15/2016

Professional ,friendly and quality service.
- Heide G. 9/1/2016

professional and friendly
Were patience with my discomfort and gave additional numbing as needed. Gave detailed information on after care.
- JoAnn W. 8/27/2016

Follow up appt
I appreciate the kindness of the staff and answering questions without irritation or condescension. Above all, I appreciate excellent medical treatment.
- Lauren P. 8/26/2016

I go here even though my insurance doesn't cover it. I am willing to pay out of pocket for such excellent and professional treatment.
- Howard S. 8/25/2016

High quality Service with alot of caring
Dr. Cristoforo is a very informative and a Great doctor. He lets the patients know exactly what is at stake and does not force you to make any unnecessary decisions. The staff also makes you feel very welcome and you do not feel like a number or hinder. The technical folks also make you feel good about yourself and gives you information on your procedure and what you need to do next.. After the procedure, Dr. Cristoforo makes sure you are comfortable and gives you all the information you need in the transitional period. The Doctor cares about his patients. You do not see that too often. Thank you.
- vinnie c. 8/16/2016

Everyone was friendly and helpful.
- Loretta Z. 8/4/2016

Very professional & excellent care.
- Donna C. 7/20/2016

Quick no nonsense care
I received a prompt appointment and follow up Very efficient staff Dr was informative and explained everything before diving in!
- Dan H. 7/18/2016

Appreciated the care at this appointment
The staff and Dr. Treated me with great respect and also very professional. The care as very good. Dixie Riedemann
- Dixie R. 7/12/2016

Ignoring that it was a trip to the dentist (Everyone loves those!) the doctors there were professional, explained everything very well, and offered several options for treatment.
- Karl P. 7/8/2016

Very professional and patient friendly
My dental surgery went very smoothly. I've had no problems during the recovery period. Post-op directions were precise and easy to understand.
- Angela P. 7/7/2016

Immediate response to my concern
I called with a concern three days post-op, and was immediately offered a chance to go in and be checked. I appreciated the ease with which the receptionist relayed information between the assistant and me. I was in the chair within 20 minutes of my call. My need was not urgent, but my concern was treated as important nonetheless.
- MaryAnn D. 6/17/2016

Excellent service and very professional
I was referred to Dr. Christoforo and was extremely impressed with his thoroughness and professionalism. His staff was also very helpful and friendly. I have every confidence in my future course of treatment with him.
- Gina S. 6/17/2016

Everyone was very professional, personable, ,& caring.
Great experience. The Dr. was gentle ,& made sure you were comfortable. Tooth extraction. Painless procedure.. Several hours later & still painless.
- Donna C. 6/16/2016

good visit
Started right on time. Colleen was great. Coaching for better results was clear. As close to pleasant as dental work can be. :)
- CJ F. 6/15/2016

Excellent service with a smile
They're amazing! So kind and considerate when you need them. Really good with anxious patients (like myself).
- Donna C. 6/8/2016

Everyone was pleasant, courteous and respectful. I was in and out in a timely manner.
- Marian F. 5/23/2016

High quality, friendly
I am a huge dentalphobe and everyone at the Center were extremely friendly and professional and did everything possible to help make me relax and have the experience be as stress-free as possible. Thanks especially to Colleen.
- Donna L. 5/17/2016

High-quality service
High-quality service, greeted at the counter and taken back to an exam room immediately after arriving. Complete cleaning performed with tips on how to improve gums.
- Mary S. 5/12/2016

Very Professional
I had a dentist make a horrible mistake while installing a bridge. I came to Dr. Joe Christoforo  and he came up with an innovative surgical procedure to correct the damage.
- Robert M. 5/5/2016

Both dr. Joe & Karen were very professional & thoughtful . I felt completely assured of what they were doing.
- martha V. 5/3/2016

They were gentle, kind and explained the process well. Made me very comfortable!
- Ronnie P. 4/29/2016

Quality of care.
Very professional, excellent quality and prompt, efficient service.
- Michael B. 4/28/2016

Best possible! Great job. Now after 10:00, no pain pills and no pain!
- Phyllis B. 4/25/2016

High quality service, friendly as well as professional.
The periodontist and the hygienist performed their jobs thoroughly and professionally. I was very satisfied with their work.
- Mamie O. 4/21/2016

I was satisfied in every way. Pleasant staff. Pleasant surroundings.
- Donna C. 4/20/2016

Professional, friendly staff,...
Dr Christoforo and the entire staff were professional and provided excellent care. Dr...More
- Lori B. 4/16/2016

I felt the exam was thorough. I was given a easy to understand explanation of what was recommended. I was made to feel comfortable-the Dr and assistants were friendly.
- DONNA B. 4/14/2016

On time. Mary did a great cleaning job. Very clean and friendly.
- La Verne M. 4/13/2016

Always top notch
Every visit is always excellent. Everyone is very nice, and great to work with. I actually look forward to my visits.
- Brian H. 4/9/2016

I have an infection where I have a tooth implant and was very satisfied w/ the services provided and the staff and will definitely be going back for the scheduled appointment for the procedure to this area. I will be glad to recommend this business.
- Tom D. 4/7/2016

No wait. Friendly. Efficient and well performed.
- Simon H. 4/6/2016

Mary is very competent and explains everything. Most informative.
- Phyllis B. 4/4/2016

Careful Consideration
I have an usual situation where I am seeking to find solutions to a series of mistakes made by my regular dentist. I was given plenty of time in a non-rushed atmosphere to explore options and this was far different than most dental professionals who have multiple chairs going at one time and rush everyone.
- Robert M. 4/3/2016

Dr Joe
Dr. Joe and his staff are excellent. They made sure I was comfortable, explained each step of the process and seemed genuinely concerned about my well being. I would recommend the facility to anyone.
- Kimberly M. 4/2/2016

Very professional, friendly service
Was pleased about how painless the procedure was. I liked hoe the doctor and assistant made sure everything was moving along smoothly. Post op instruction very easy to understand.
- Veronica E. 3/31/2016

Very Professional.
- Clark H. 3/24/2016

Excellent post-surgery follow-up
I had a post-surgery follow-up visit. My appointment was on time and quick. I received info on how to clean my repaired teeth. Staff was professional.
- Mary M. 3/17/2016

If you have to have this done, this is a good place to go.
I have recently undergone a gum graft on recession and the results are great. Dr. Christoforo and his staff are highly qualified, caring, gentle, put you at ease and make you feel as comfortable as you can under the circumstances. I have called with questions and anxieties several times during the healing process and Dr. Christoforo or his assistant calmly gave further advice until my concerns were addressed. If you need to have this type of work done, I recommend Dr Cristoforo. They are a great team.
- Kim P. 3/17/2016

The business provides a positive experience for its clients. The business puts its customer's at ease and addresses all of their concerns. Would refer out.
- Janet K. 3/15/2016

Very thorough. Aggressive tarter removal. Very friendly personal care.
- Steve M. 3/10/2016

High Quality Service and Friendly Atmosphere
Needed oral surgery in order to save a complete bridge redo. All staff very friendly and courteous. They are very good at explaining what needs to be done. Very attentive to pain management while doing procedure. Would highly recommend their services.
- Cheryl W. 3/10/2016

Quality, caring service
All staff, especially Dr.'Christoforo and his assistant were prompt, explained everything week, answered questions and were caring and compassionate
- Lori B. 3/7/2016

High quality service, friendly, knowledgeable
good experience
- Tim K. 2/25/2016

Excellent all around
This office is a very nice place to have serious work done. The staff are all friendly, and very helpful. Dr. Christoforo is an excellent Periodontist. He takes the time others don't, and performs the necessary work with speed, efficiency, and care. I couldn't ask for a better doctor to take care of my periodontal needs. And I have been through a few.
- Brian H. 2/24/2016

I think you guys are great!!
I am completely confident in you!! I have had my problems with dentists throughout my life so my trust level has always been very low. However, you have completely earned my trust and I believe when I leave you have checked me over very well and everything is okay. I am thankful for everything you have been able to help me with. I just want to hang on to the teeth that I have and I have complete confidence in you. Thank you!!
- Karen T. 2/24/2016

Professional and caring!
Staff were professional, caring, thoughtful and fully informative. High quality dental care!!
- Rick L. 2/23/2016

Everyone was very friendly. Had to wait a bit but the doctor did apologize for making me wait and I found him to be a very pleasant person and my experience was very positive. I appreciated that the doctor had me sit and discuss things with him before he did the exam and I felt he heard my concerns and addressed them well.
- Pam D. 2/19/2016

Wonderful experience and a new beautiful smile
Dr. Christoforo and his team fixed my gummy smile and I am forever greatful. The entire experience was comfortable and I knew I was in good hands. As an aspiring opera singer, my smile is a huge factor for both my confidence on stage. I now feel entirely free to smile without holding back and look forward to what the future holds now that I have the smile I've always wanted. Thanks so much!
- Kristen L. 2/19/2016

The staff is professional and concerned abut my comfort and well being.
- Sue F. 2/15/2016

Excellent service, highly professional
All, from the front office staff to the dental assistant and surgeon, were professional, friendly, and welcoming. My procedure was painless. The surgeon kept me abreast of what was happening. When it was over, he went over the post-surgery instructions with me and answered questions. I was able to make my follow-up appointment before leaving. Prior to the surgery, I had a consultation visit where everything was explained clearly to me. The front office staff put in a request to my dental insurance for an estimate of what they would pay. Coffee, tea, and water are available for those waiting. I highly recommend this dental center.
- Mary M. 2/13/2016

Very good from start to finish
- Pat O. 1/27/2016

Always top notch
Thorough, friendly, professional
- Howard S. 1/27/2016

The appointment today went very well. The hygienist was very professional and gentle. The experience was without difficulties.
- Dixie R. 1/25/2016

Excellent appointment -- thank you!
Excellent appointment -- thank you!
- Mark S. 1/25/2016

Made me feel like it was important to do their best job
My morning was scheduled for 2 implants and gum tissue work. They called me ahead and let me know they were running 30 minutes late. This was a very courteous measure. The surgery went smoothly with Dr. Christoforo being very thorough in the process and checking his work each step of the way by taking x-rays to make sure his work was on track. I appreciate, that he took his time and I never felt he or his staff were rushing in any way. Wish more step by step was explained as the process went along, but it was evident enough to guess what was happening. Very professional and attentive staff.
- Kristi K. 1/21/2016

if you gotta get cut, get it here!
professional, efficient, courteous, down-to-earth
- Phil S. 1/15/2016

Dr. Joe and Colleen are great
I found the treatment I've received for periodontal problems to be relatively pain free and may have led to my keeping my teeth a lot longer thanks to the bone grafting. My cleanings with Colleen could actually be called fun - I love the music she plays (and that she is open to suggestions as regards music) and though people joke about talking while at the dentist, she takes her time and allows a response. I'd recommend their professional service to anyone who might require them.
- Henry S. S. 1/14/2016

Friendly staff put you at ease
Dr. Joe and his staff made my experience as pleasant as something like that can be.
- Jody M. 1/14/2016

joe c and mary and kory are top notch professionals. i highly recommend and have re: their services
- ron s. 1/13/2016

Excellent all spheres
- Louis B. 1/11/2016

Excellent all spheres
- Louis B. 1/11/2016

Tooth to pull
I have a tooth that is our of alignment and needs to be pulled. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I was told my options and I'm delighted that they are able to help me.
- Susan W. 1/11/2016

Great work!
- Betsy L. 1/7/2016

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